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In every society and throughout all eras there are processes that take place everywhere and cannot be denied, processes, inherent to humankind and conditioned by the physicality of their bodies.
What changes is how and in what manner we address these issues. How we love, reproduce ourselves, nourish ourselves, and die reveals who we are, where we are, and when we are.
Ongoing social and technical developments enable societies, or at least the ones of the western hemisphere, to achive unexpected possibilities. The rationalization ans optimization of processes, regardless of which form they take, are primary and generally considered desireble. In this work I would like to explore the correlation between the archaic nature of humanity and its contiunual drive toward technical advancement and globalization.  

according appearence 

These units, which resemble car garages, were set up on several sites in the state of
North Rhine Westphalia, in order to institutionalize the encounter between prostitutes
and their clients. Boxes for the performance of the sexual act made it significantly
easier to monitor street prostitution in major cities. This also enabled women to profit
from the support of charitable institutions, which are also situated on the site. The
architecture of the box is oriented towards the needs of the prostitutes. It enables her to
flee the passenger seat on the right in case she is threatened, whereas it is almost
impossible for the driver to open his door. An emergency button is also located in
almost every unit. Once activated, a visual and acoustic alarm is triggered. The
property has a generous fence and is opened and closed by the regulatory authority
every day in accordance with its 'business hours'.
Fuck ports - North Rhine Westphalia, Germany 2013

15 grams of pentobarbital is used in cases of voluntary suicide overseen by Dignitas,
Exit, and other organizations dedicated to assisting voluntary suicide. The drug was
patented in 1916 by Bayer and was used as a sleeping agent for a long time. The
chemical compound is not found in nature. Dissolved in water, a high Dosis of this
drug is taken orally and leads to death in a matter of minutes. One first falls asleep and
then fall into a coma, after which breathing is ultimately arrested.
15 gramm of natrium pentobarbital, drugstore - Zurich, Switzerland 2013

This container room is located at the cargo airport of Frankfurt/Main. A private
undertaker set up the container to preserve corpses in accordance with flight safety
regulations. Since the gases emitted by a decaying body can impact flight functions,
blood is sucked out of the dead body and is replaced by various chemicals , before
departure. The corresponding processes of decay are thus slowed down. Some 30,000
corpses are transported to and from Germany on an annual basis, half of these via air
freight. It is common practice to include coffins on passenger flights. In order to avoid
hysteric reactions at airport, bodies must be packaged in a way that makes them
unrecognizable as such.
Container to preserve corps - Cargo-Airport Frankfurt, Germany 2013

This nitrogen tank is used to conserve donated sperm in the world's largest sperm bank.
The company sends sperm to clinics and private individuals for self-insemination in 70
countries. This precious ware is transported in crates with dry ice or nitrogen tanks. The
donators stem from all races and ethnicities.
Spermtank, spermbank - Aarhus Denmark 2013

This sculpture is a negative form of a real women torso. It is used to create authentic
sex dolls from a smoth silicon. The doll’s surface shows an exact copy of the human
model’s skin, including birthmarks, cellulite, and scars.
Mould, workshop for sex dolls - Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 2014

In order to operate independently of the lack of sunlight in Central Europe, this
greenhouse uses a mixture of blue and red LED diodes, which enable plants to grow
autonomously. In this case the Cress.
Cress growing Greenhouse - Monster, the Netherlands 2013

The crematorium is considered the most modern facility in Germany and functions
almost completely automatically. After being delivered, the coffin is given a barcode,
which includes all important information pertaining to the respective body. After a brief
storage period, the coffin is carried automatically to the oven by a remote controlled
transport vehicle.
Ovens, automated crematory - Berlin, Germany 2012.

This ultra-sensitive microscope is used in 'in vitro fertilization'. Two tiny, remotecontrolled
injection needles help the doctor or biologist performing the procedure
fertilize an egg cell outside of the body. Studies show that the sperm count of Danish
men diminished by half between 1942 and 1992. No correspondingly extensive studies
have been conducted for Germany.
Microscope, fertilization clinic - Saarbrücken, Germany 2013

Glory holes serve the anonymous gratification of sexual desires on the part of both
homosexual and heterosexual partners.
Glory Hole, Darkroom - Berlin, Germany 2012

works according appeareance

ZIRKEL I.  (2012-2013)

two, Fuck Ports, North Rhine Westphalia,
Germany 2013, 65 x 94,5 cm
five, 15 gramm of natrium pentobarbital, drugstore,
Zurich, Switzerland 2013, 67 x 54 cm
three, container to preserve corps, Cargo-Airport-Frankfurt, Germany 2013, 54 x 67 cm 
one, Spermtank, Spermbank, Aarhus, Denmark 2014, 120 x 98 cm
ten, mould, workshop for sex dolls, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 2014, 120 x 98 cm

four, cress growing greenhouse, Monster, The Netherlands, 2013, 124 x 155 cm
seven, ovens, automated crematory, Berlin, Germany, 2012, 95,5 cm x 144 cm
Nine, microscope, fertilisation clinic, Saarbrücken, Germany 2013, 67 x 54 cm
eight, Glory hole, darkroom, Berlin, Germany,
120 x 98 cm, 2012
c-print, color, mounted on dia-sec, white wooden frame.
Edition of 4 + 2AP

Entrepreneur Award 4.0, Portraying Visions, Seltmann + Söhne, Würzburg 2014
Still Magazine, Issue No. 3, 2014


SIEBEN, Uferhallen Wedding, Berlin 2013