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GLITCH (2023)

And, like the fire, other accidents have happened, breeding irregularities. In Glitch (2023), Gehbauer has reproduced an edited version of a large park scene from the turn of the 20th century. The focus though is on an error that is more or less hidden in the wider scene; it seems that in the dark room, a sound caused a glitch to occur, destroying a small part of the image. The colourful ruin runs up a side of the picture, and any illusion of reality that the photographer may have hoped to create is lost. But one could ask whether what the large glass negative depicts, a English-style garden that is manicured, stately, totally constructed was ever something truly real.

- Kate Brown

Memories of a place I have never been...Part II, HOTO Gallery, Glitch (2023)
170 x 135 cm, pigment print